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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3.60 Game Working on Rebug CFW 3.55.1 With Patch

Brink, a recently released first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3,
when it originally required users to have 3.60 firmware installed on their consoles. That meant gamers with custom firmware installed were out of luck when it came to playing this title.

. That has now changed with the help of 
(what appears to be) 
a slip up by the developer and or Sony. 

The title recently had a title update (patch) officially released and hackers were surprised to find out it was encrypted with 3.55 keys

What this means for users is that with a simple PARAM.SFO version edit and installation of the official retail game patch, they can now play the game on lower version firmware such as 3.55.1 Rebug CFW and possibly others.

Enoy Another Hack Courtesy of Sony EPIC FAILS Series!

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