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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conversions API: Google’s answer to tracking you offline

Unless you take measures to block it, you are going to be tracked while using a web browser, typically through the use of cookies. Google is one company that does this across its entire range of services, and it’s very good at taking that (anonymous) data and generating revenue from it through targeted advertising.
You’d think such targeted advertising would be limited to what you do online, but it isn’t, and Google has just released a new API that makes it possible for them to link up your online activity with what you do offline, in the real world.
The new API is called Conversions. Rather than relying on data Google has gathered, Conversions allows retailers/advertisers to automatically upload their own collected information about your in-store conversions, call-tracking, and other offline activity such as which discounts were taking advantage of, how many returns were made, and even if fraud was committed.
Google will still have to keep this new data anonymous so that individuals cannot be knowingly tracked. However, combined with the company’s advertising arm DoubleClick, and the data it has collected about you already from your online activities, it makes for a very powerful and enhanced targeted advertising tool.
So what does the Conversions API actually mean in real terms? Well, before now if you searched for a new TV online Google would start showing your TV ads. If you went and bought a TV in a store you’d continue to get TV ads displayed by DoubleClick when you went back online. But with Conversions, DoubleClick can be updated so it knows you bought that TV offline, and the ads you see will change to show you products to compliment your TV instead.
If you notice this happening, it will probably feel like you are being closely tracked. But Google is just doing a very good job with the data it has. Ultimately, it’s likely this may even lead to you clicking more ads, or buying more stuff online, which is exactly what Google wants you to do.

More at the DoubleClick Search Blog, via Business Insider

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anonymous Responds To Sandy Hook School Shooting

Fellow Anon's Get Involved!

Anonymous IRC Information

Anonymous needs support to protect your freedom. To find out what you can do,
please join our communication channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). There
are dozens of projects already, growing every day. See the list of channels
below to find your interest.

To connect to IRC you can either use a client or a web interface. Common clients
are mIRC ( or x-chat ( 

Connect to one of the following servers:

You can connect on the default port 6667 or you may use SSL on port 6697.

Should that fail, use our backup communication channels and ask in the channel
for working anonymous IRC server IPs.



Channel: #anonymous        


Channel: #the_daft_punks


Channel: #operationpayback


AnonIRC Channels of Interest (Selection)

Non-Military Channels
#anonymous - metatalk, focus on Anonymous
#help - Help!
#leakspin - coordination of operation Leakspin
#lounge - metatalk, you must stay off-topic!
#operationpayback - main operation channel (be warned, usually 1000+ clients)
#propaganda - main propaganda channel, writing manifestos and press statements
#radiopayback - Radiopaypack
#recruit - making threads and posters, bumping on forums, etc
#truthisrevolutionary - working on a new press & media site for anonymous
#vhost - get your personal virtual host
#wikileaks - metatalk, focus on Wikileaks
#youtube - video creation & distribution

Military Channels
#hoic - HOIC coordination
#target - target selection for LOIC/HOIC operations
#setup - help setup LOIC etc.
#hackers - technical talk about attack vectors
#deface - Website Defacement & Co.
#mastercard - Mastercard LOIC/HOIC attack focus.

Country Specific Channels
#america - For the simple minded american to chat.
#german - Deutsche Kommunikation.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Demonoid servers move to Hong Kong and Tracker IS CONFIRMED BACK ONLINE hopefully index and forums follow! (Vettacossx is a proud member of the demonoid fam)
Back in August, Demonoid, the most popular private torrent community, was suddenly removed from the face of the Internet

 in the wake of a DDoS attack and a coincidentally-timed, but seemingly unrelated server raid. Now, just as suddenly as the beloved community was taken down, the tracker has been restored.
Ukranian authorities shut down Demonoid’s datacenter, which just so happened to fall right in the middle of the site’s DDoS-related outage. At the time of the raid, Ukranian datacenter ColoCall noted that investigators copied all of Demonoid’s server information, and seized some of the equipment. A few days following the raid, Demonoid’s three top-level domains,,, and, were put up for sale.
Now, almost four months after the site’s demise, Demonoid’s tracker is back. The comprehensive index and forums haven’t yet followed suit, but the resurrection of the tracker is as good of an indication of the community’s revival as we can get, short of the actual revival. The tracker’s new IP address seems to point toward the servers being moved from Ukraine to Hong Kong.
When the site was first taken offline, everyone’s favorite Internet collective Anonymous stated they’d bring the community back, and launched DDoS attacks on Ukranian government sites in retaliation for the server raid. The tracker’s back, but it currently remains to be seen if Anonymous had any hand in the revival. Whoever is responsible, whether it’s a loosely ruled Internet collective or Demonoid’s old administration, the tracker’s up and running for now, and hopefully the community features will soon follow.
Whether or not one partakes in or agrees with the kind of file-sharing commonly associated with torrents, members of the Demonoid community will vouch for the friendly, helpful atmosphere fostered by the private site. It’s always great to get that kind of close-knit community back, and members can only hope that the revival of the tracker is a step toward the resurrection of the community.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

PS Vita: Running PSX games at the eCFW TN-C at Firmware 2.01

Developer Frostegater has posted the modules required to play PS1 games on the PS Vita. These modules are now compatible with TN-C eCFW. In a recent Tweet The Z has released those modules patched for PS Vita eCFW 6.60 TN-C. As stated before, by the now retired Coldbird, this method of PSX emulation still has no sound. However reports suggests that most games run at full speed. The Z also mentions that this should work for all TN-C versions released to date.

About eCFW_6.60_TN-C_PSX_add-on:

Just put the 2 PRX files into your exploit savegame folder and PSX (PS1) games should be working from the TNMenu. Other menus aren't tested yet.

This should be working with every TN-C release for the PS Vita. The PS Vitas OFW shouldn't be important, it should be working for 1.6x, 1.80, 1.81 and 2.0x firmwares (available soon).

Greetings The Z

Total_Noob (For all his work involved in the PSP and PS Vita scene)
Frostegater (For compiling the POPCORN.PRX file from the TN-C sources) Here is a video showcasing PSX for eCFW TN-C